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The Future Is Now With Girl-Powered Giving

When you want to make change for young women, who better to do it than the young women themselves? Girl-Powered Giving, an initiative by the Women’s Fund for the Fox Valley Region, empowers local high school girls to voice the issues affecting them directly and extend a helping hand to fellow girls in the Fox Valley.

Through the awarding of $10,000 in grant funding to local nonprofits, these young women are a catalyst for change, driving positive community impact.

Girl-Powered Giving Program is an immersive three-day experience featuring volunteering, advocacy and leadership development and creates a lasting impact through philanthropy and dedicated support for local nonprofit organizations addressing issues critical to girls.

The resounding success and enthusiastic reception from students have fueled our excitement to further expand this transformative initiative in 2024. There is still an opportunity for high school girls in grades 10th to 12th from diverse backgrounds across the Fox Valley to join Girl-Powered Giving, and we welcome your help in identifying strong participants.

We embrace diversity in backgrounds, interests and achievements, seeking girls willing to share their unique ideas and perspectives through facilitated discussions and activities.

Academic excellence and prior leadership recognition are not prerequisites; instead, we value the richness each girl brings to the collective experience.

Join us in spreading awareness about this incredible opportunity. Let’s create a ripple effect of positive change, empowering a diverse group of girls to make a difference in the Fox Valley community.

If you know a girl who would make a great candidate reach out to us at the Women’s Fund. Together, we can amplify the impact of Girl-Powered Giving in 2024 and beyond.