B.F.F. – Brighter Female Futures

Hey Bestie ♥ Are you a young female professional with a passion for giving back?Get in on the action with The Women’s Fund for the Fox Valley Region’s
B.F.F. (Brighter Female Futures) crew!

Being a B.F.F. is all about creating a strong sisterhood of young philanthropists who are determined to make a real impact to advance women and girls in our community.

When you’re a B.F.F., you’re in for a unique ride. It’s a chance to be a part of something bigger – connecting with fellow changemakers who also want to make a difference, rolling up our sleeves to give back to our community through volunteering, and growing your awareness of issues facing women and girls in our community.

B.F.F.’s members make a minimum one-year investment of just $240 (or more if you’re feeling extra generous) – and you can split it up, however, suits your vibe. This annual gift provides access to monthly B.F.F. events where you will be able to build your network, enhance your knowledge of issues impacting women and girls, and support the Women’s Fund for the Fox Valley Region.

Your brighter future starts today!


Benefits to membership:

  • Monthly events tailored to networking, education, leadership, and engagement within the Women’s Fund
  • Engage with local women leaders
  • Involvement in Women’s Fund programs such as Girl-Powered Giving and Starting Point 2.0
  • Opportunity to be a leader by being an HBICHead Bestie in Charge


Ready to be a B.F.F.? Here are your next steps!

  1. Download and send the completed application to the Super HBIC, Communication & Outreach Specialist, Stacie Hazlett-Rothe!
  2. Make your online payment or request to be billed
  3. Get your invite for the first 2024 B.F.F. meeting and get ready to help make Brighter Female Futures!
Download an application  Make an online payment (note B.F.F. in Recognition Name)