Start a Fund

Do you know you can establish a fund in your name, or the name of a loved one, to support the Women’s Fund or the women’s and girls’ issues most important to you? With a gift of $10,000 or more ($25,000 for college scholarships), you can create a permanent endowment fund in your name. You may start your fund with a minimum contribution of $1,000 and a plan to build the fund to $10,000 over time. Once the fund reaches $10,000, grants can be made in the name of the fund to agencies addressing women’s and girls’ issues.

Please contact Julie Keller at (920) 702-7617 or to discuss your goals for charitable giving. The Women’s Fund staff will help you determine which type of fund best meets your objectives.

Endowment Funds for Women

Thank you to the following individuals, families, companies, and women’s organizations that have established funds within the Women’s Fund:

5Giving 2Gether 4Women Fund
Ashley Marie Abraham Fund
Athena Award Winners Giving Circle Fund
Bel Brands USA Fund for Women and Girls
Patricia Boldt Fund for Women Administrative Endowment
Renee Boldt Fund for Women
Rebecca Strampe Boulanger Fund for Women and Girls
Heather Boyer Fund for Women and Girls
Community First Credit Union Fund for Women
Miranda L. Coonen Young Philanthropist Fund
Katherine Davis Fund for Women and Girls
Dressel Fund for Women and Girls
Grace and Bridget Flaherty Little Women’s Future Fund
Elizabeth and Daniel Flaherty Family Fund
Haley Fuhrmann Little Women’s Fund
Janelle Fuhrmann Aspiring Young Women’s Fund
Jane Dwyre Garton Fund for Women
Garton Family Fund for Women and Girls
Maria and Jill Georgen Little Women’s Fund
Grace K. Graebel Little Women’s Fund
Laura A. Guy Founders Fund
Anti-Human Trafficking GRACE Fund – Sr. Carol Haanen
Mary Harp-Jirschele Fund for Women
Ruth Haviland Fund for Women and Girls
Mame and Iona Heaney Empowering Women Fund
Laine Hietpas Young Philanthropist Fund
Nora Holahan Hogerty Little Women’s Future Fund
Ethel Keller Fund for Women
Kewley Family Fund for Women and Girls
Marlene Kiesling Konsek Fund for Women
Helen Spasoff Kratzer Scholarship Fund
Madeleine Cecelia Krikava Little Women’s Future Fund
Quinten Karel Krikava Young Philanthropist Future Fund
Vicki Margolis Fund for Women and Girls
Mid-Day Women’s Alliance Fund
Maureen O’Hern Hahn & Jeffrey R. Hahn Fund for Women
Katie Plank Little Women’s Fund
Brigid Guy Prosser Little Women’s Fund
Cara Guy Prosser Little Women’s Fund
Margaret Guy Prosser Little Women’s Fund
Carla E. Salmon Fund for Women
Lynn Salmon-Easter Little Women’s Fund
Maja Salmon Little Women’s Fund
Patricia Lovshin Schinabeck Fund for Women
Erin Tyson and Kathi Selle Seifert Fund for Women and Girls
Irene Strohbeen Fund for Women and Girls
Sunshine Queen Fund
Catherine J. Tierney Future Fund for Women
Susan Healey Toussaint & John S. Toussaint Fund for Women
The Trina Fund
Noelle and Jacob Van Straten Young Philanthropists Fund
Lynn Van Vreede Legal Advocacy Fund
Marvel Williamson Fund for Women
Wisnoski/Danner Little Women’s Fund
Women for Health Giving Circle
Majorie M. Young Fund for Women and Girls