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Invest In Her

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With donor support, the Women’s Fund is a leader in making an impact on social issues concerning women and girls by funding organizations that create positive change in our communities. Thank you for your interest in making a gift to the Women’s Fund. You have an opportunity to leave a legacy to your community through the Women’s Fund. Please consider remembering the Women’s Fund in your estate gift planning.


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Gillett Secondary School’s “Spike for a Cure” Benefits the Trina Fund

When women are faced with a breast cancer diagnosis, they can feel as if they’ve […]

Introducing our Issue Spotlight Speakers for the 2023 Women’s Fund Luncheon!

We’re excited to introduce you to our three Issue Spotlight panelists moderated by Hayley Tenpas […]

Meet President Laurie A. Carter, keynote speaker of the Women’s Fund Luncheon!

We’re excited to announce the keynote speaker of the Women’s Fund Luncheon is President Laurie […]

Women’s Fund Welcomes Stacie Hazlett-Rothe

The Women’s Fund is excited to share that Stacie Hazlett-Rothe has joined our team as […]

2023 Scholarship Applications Open

We’re thrilled to announce that the 2023 College Scholarships are open now. Applications are due March […]

Connection Matters

Introducing the first of a two-part education series, Connection Matters will feature a live podcast […]

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Stories From Donors & Grant Recipients

Stories From Donors & Grant Recipients

The Girls’ Grantmaking Project was one of my favorite experiences. We were a group of high school girls meeting on a common goal and fixing a problem in the community. And we had the really big job of deciding who deserves a huge amount of money. That’s women power and I was really excited to be a part of it!

- Raianna Evans - 2020 Girl's Grantmaking Participant

Stories From Donors & Grant Recipients

I feel like I took the step in the right direction. Before then, I didn’t have the tools or motivation to do anything differently with my life. Now I want more, I know there is more for me, and it’s exciting!

- Renee, Starting Point 2.0 Graduate

Stories From Donors & Grant Recipients

I am passionate about all individuals having equal access to opportunities in our community that allow them to thrive.  Being involved in the Women’s Fund allows me to put that passion into action.

- Lora Zimmer, Women's Fund Grants Committee

Stories From Donors & Grant Recipients

This program is bigger than computer skills. Not only are these women strengthening their digital and financial literacy, they are building their own self-confidence. By overcoming fears and developing new skills, the 12 women of Even Start are becoming empowered and increasing the probability of future success for their families.

- Susan Hunsader, Even Start Lead Instructor

Stories From Donors & Grant Recipients

I love the Women’s Fund because it is a local organization and you can see the direct impact of the money that you give and the time that you give.

- Sara Micheletti, Women's Fund Board of Directors

Stories From Donors & Grant Recipients

With two daughters of my own, I want to set an example of giving back to the community. I love supporting the Women’s Fund because my donations affect many different organizations and programs that help women and girls.

- Beth Davis, Women's Fund Board of Directors, Past President

Stories From Donors & Grant Recipients

The continued growth of the fund is an inspiring thing. It doesn’t stand still. It’s moved forward continually. A great part of my professional life was being involved with helping the Women’s Fund grow.

- Ruth Haviland, Women's Fund Founding Donor

Stories From Donors & Grant Recipients

I support the Women’s Fund because I believe in the power of girls. We are all stronger as a community when we stand together.

- Sarah Paulson, Development Committee

Stories From Donors & Grant Recipients



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