Ramp Parking

The Red (Hilton Appleton Paper Valley Hotel), Green (P.A.C.) parking garages are now pay as you exit and accept cash, credit cards, permits and validated hotel cards. Rates are listed below:  

  • $2 – less than 3 hours 
  • $3 – 3 to 4 hours
  • $5 – over 4 hours

 Suggestions for a smoother exit: 

  • Carpool to the event.
  • Consider parking in the Green (P.A.C.) ramp.
    • It has a skywalk to the hotel on the third floor.
    • It has four exits, opposed to the two exits at the Red ramp. 
  • When parking in the ramps: 
    • We recommend that you back into your stall upon arrival (Green Ramp Only). This makes it easier to see when exiting the stall and typically provides for less backup in the ramp when many people are exiting at the same time. 
  • We recommend having your parking ticket and credit card ready before you arrive at the exit gate. 
  • We recommend using a credit card as it is the fastest way to exit the ramp. 
  • If you want to pay by cash, you should use the Pay on Foot stations upon returning to the ramp and before getting to your vehicle so that your parking is validated, and you just enter the ticket at the gate for it to open. 

View Downtown Appleton’s Parking Web Page – To learn more about parking in Appleton and the Passport Parking App for your smart phone.