Young Women’s Initiative

Young Women’s Initiative

In 2017, the Women’s Fund formally launched a new multi-year initiative to increase the life-long economic security of women and their families by strategically addressing the needs of young women ages 18-29.  Our decision was supported by these findings:

  • Young women ages 18-29 were reported as the most under-served age group in our spring 2014 community needs assessment.
  • Women’s Fund grantees working with youth reported a lack of services for young adults aging out of programs.
  • The Status of Women in Northeast Wisconsin Report sections on Educational Attainment, Women & Poverty, and Women, Work & Wages demonstrate the need for increased efforts to help women become economically secure.

Innovative Strategies

The Women’s Fund is leading a pilot project in partnership with B.A.B.E.S. Child Abuse Prevention Program and Fox Valley Technical College using the Two-Generation approach, which provides opportunities for vulnerable children and parents together.

Starting Point 2.0 is an innovative approach to strengthen families through empowerment workshops for young, low-income mothers and quality early childhood education for their children.

You Can Help 

Fundraising is currently underway for a second pilot group beginning in February, 2018.

With a lead gift of $1,000 of more, you can be an early supporter of this innovative program which will positively impact 12 local families. Click on the infographic to the right to read more about the program. Contact Becky about your interest in this program.

Our Approach

Women’s foundations across the country are taking this family-centered approach. Learn more through the Aspen Institute Two-Generation Playbook and the Two-Generation programs currently funded by the Women’s Fund.