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Women’s Equality Day: What’s It Really About?

Posted on Aug 26, 2021 by
by Raquel Klarich, Media Specialist at Red Shoes Inc., Women’s Fund Volunteer

More than 100 years ago women received the right to vote with the passing of the 19th Amendment. This great achievement is celebrated with a holiday known as Women’s Equality Day, celebrated each year on August 26.

Women have had a major hand in shaping the way we operate as a society in the United States. Prior to winning the suffrage, laws in many states kept women from owning or inheriting property, signing contracts, serving on juries and voting in elections. Think about that for a minute. Without the suffrage movement, women would not be able to own a home, start a business or essentially have any freedom whatsoever outside of that granted by their husbands.

Today women are literally ruling the world.

  • Women are standing up to those who sexually assault them with the #MeToo movement which is making women’s voices heard and holding men of power accountable.
  • The United States has seen its first woman vice president. This is putting a crack in a glass ceiling that has existed for far too long and is ready to be shattered.
  • During an unprecedented year battling a deadly pandemic, women have been on the front lines because many work in the service industry.
    • Women make up 91 percent of the US’ nurses.
    • Women make up 76 percent of the US’ public-school teachers.
    • At least 65 percent of care recipients are female.

All of these positions served on the front lines during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The past year and a half have been extremely hard on women throughout the United States and many are suffering, To help women continue making strides, consider doing the following:

  • Support women-owned businesses
  • Advocate for policies at the local and national level that will benefit women
  • Mentor a young woman
  • Donate to an organization that supports women and girls

Given the many strides women have made and are continuing to make we are excited to celebrate and remember what Women’s Equality Day is all about.

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