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Honor Her this Mother’s Day

Posted on Apr 23, 2021 by

When my Mom passed away, I took on the duty and the honor of
writing her obituary. After the rest of the household was asleep, I settled in with my computer on my lap and wrote the story of her life for the community to know and my family to remember.

If you hadn’t lived in our hometown, her name might not be familiar to you. You’d likely know of her if you were connected to her church, or city planning, or nonprofit women’s groups, or had voted, or given blood. If you knew her in any of these contexts, you knew her as a leader, a doer and a creative who always knew interesting things about the community that she wanted others to know, too.

What she had to her credit was being a good citizen in the full context of the word and sharing values that had been passed on from her mother.

While she asked that no big fuss be made at her passing, I just knew she was editing over my shoulder as I wrote her story that night. It was a moment between just the two of us.

Professionally, I pursued my passion for writing through journalism, and in my personal life began serving at our sons’ schools and on nonprofit boards and committees in the community. Without a word passing between us, I followed my Mom’s path. Till her last days, we spent treasured times talking through my experiences and connecting them to hers and her mom’s.

Each year as Mother’s Day approaches, I buy pansies in my Mom’s honor. And I find a way to contribute to the Women’s Fund, because I hope that all we do, no matter our role, will make a difference in the lives of other women and girls.

So now, what is your story? Is there a special woman who influenced you?

Whether you are the mom, or the daughter, I encourage you to make Mother’s Day a time to honor a special woman in your life — mother, daughter, sister, teacher, coworker, mentor, friend. Please dig deep and match your appreciation with a gift to the Women’s Fund.

Mom would be proud of you.

Kathy Coopman Voigt, Women’s Fund Committee Member

Make a Gift Now

When you make a gift to honor a special someone online, be sure to include the tribute information and we will send them a card or email to let them know of your thoughtful gift. Contact us at info@womensfundfvr.org if you would like to include a short message or if you have any questions.
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