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Two-Gen Tech Project Empowers Women with Digital and Financial Literacy Skills

Posted on Mar 20, 2018 by

Fox Valley Technical College (FVTC) Even Start Family Literacy Program
Grant Award – $12,500

The Even Start Family Literacy project helps students earn a high school credential and, in doing so, improves their employability, earning power, and long-term financial security. While their parents attend courses, pre-school aged children attend high-quality programming focused on preparation for kindergarten.

This project has placed personal computers in the homes of 12 students and is allowing them to develop the basic computer skills necessary to access information and opportunities that will encourage them to progress academically, prepare them for employment, and teach their children how to be academically successful and safe online.

The ability to access and use technology is so integrated into our daily lives that many of us assume all people have the digital skills needed to function in today’s communities. Surprisingly, most of the adults enrolled in the Even Start program begin their journey without knowing how to turn on a computer, operate a mouse, or use a keyboard.

Susan Hunsader, Lead Instructor for the Even Start project, is at the forefront of the grant work. Susan says, “This program is bigger than computer skills. Not only are these women strengthening their digital and financial literacy, they are building their own self-confidence.” By overcoming fears and developing new skills, the 12 women of Even Start are becoming empowered and increasing the probability of future success for their families.

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